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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Our garage is a well-known address for the car owners of Kirton. We perform multiple car services flawlessly and at the most affordable rates. One of our primary areas of expertise is fixing wheel alignment issues of all types of cars.

Wheel alignment is a serious issue that afflicts over 70% of cars in Britain. There are numerous disadvantages of driving a car with misaligned wheels. Not only does it affect your ride quality, but it may also compromise with your road safety.

As such, it is critical that you bring your car for wheel alignment in Kirton every 6 months or at the first signs of misaligned wheels.

    2-wheel and 4 wheel alignment garage in Kirton

    There are 2 types of wheel alignment that we do at FT Auto Centre in Kirton:

  • 2-wheel alignment
  • 4-wheel alignment
  • 2 wheel alignment refers to fixing the angles of the front wheels of a vehicle, while 4 wheel alignment means that we will align all four wheels according to the pre-set parameters.

    Generally speaking, 2 wheel alignment is enough for trucks and big SUVs which have a solid rear axle. These axles are fixed and seldom if ever, fall out of alignment. The only time they may get skewed is if the car has been in an accident.

    In any scenario, our technicians put alignment heads on the rear wheels even when performing a 2-wheel alignment. It helps align the front and rear wheels, vital for optimal handling abilities of your vehicle.

    On the other hand, vehicles with 4-wheel independent suspension usually require 4-wheel alignment. Most passenger cars (sedans, hatchbacks and coupes) and small SUVs fall under this category.

    During a 4-wheel alignment, our technicians adjust the camber, toe and caster on the front wheels. We also adjust the camber and toe of the rear wheels according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Your vehicle will run ever so smoothly after its wheel alignment service. Our garage is also equipped with a computerised 4-wheel alignment machine to adjust most of the car wheels to their correct angles. If you require an alignment print out for your car’s before and after alignment condition, our team can do that as well.

    Using only the best in business

    Our experienced technicians use the latest Supertracker alignment machine to perform wheel alignment in Kirton to perfection. Those who are familiar with the automotive industry know that Supertracker is a premier company that manufactures wheel alignment machines. Their equipment adheres to the strictest parameters of wheel alignment and is known for their precision and reliability.

    At FT Auto Centre, we settle for nothing less.

    Why delay?

    Wheel misalignment is a severe issue that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. It affects the drivability of your car and may also harm some of its critical components like the suspension system and tyres.

    Bring your car for wheel alignment in Kirton at FT Auto Centre immediately. We are open for business on all working days.

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