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Michelin, the French automotive giant, known as much for its tyres as for its branding prowess, has been ruling the roost globally for premium, semi-premium and standard car tyres. In the UK, Michelin outsells nearly every other tyre manufacturer. Our facility- FT Auto Centre is an authorised retailer of Michelin car tyres in Kirton.

At our facility, you can purchase all varieties of Michelin’s summer, winter and all-season tyres, besides their UHP models. If you wish to buy Michelin tyres online, we provide that facility via our secure website as well.

Popular Michelin tyres in the UK

The United Kingdom remains one of Michelin’s biggest markets. Michelin has been able to retain its lead due to constant additions to its product range every year.

Here are some of the best-selling Michelin models in these islands.

For summers

Michelin has 2 immensely popular summer tyres in the UK.

  • Michelin Latitude Sport: The Latitude Sport comes as a standard for Porsche’s Cayenne range of models. It is meant for high-performance SUVs and has a beaded structure, which helps it to corner at high speeds. This model is capable of accelerating faster than most other tyres and is lightweight.
  • Michelin LTX Sport: Another example of Michelin’s dominance in the SUV category, the LTX Sport is the chosen model for MPVs and 4x4 vehicles. Michelin advertises this model as being capable of “conquering any terrain” and our technicians have high praise for the LTX Sport.

For winters

Most people who buy winter variants of Michelin car tyres in Kirton go for the following.

  • Michelin Primacy 3 ST: Another addition to the fan-favourite Primacy series, there is great demand for the Primacy 3ST at our facility, FT Auto Centre. This model is capable of navigating on snowy and muddy surfaces and offer superior performance even on tricky roads.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4: This is a winter tyre which has a Dynamic Response Technology, Michelin’s new signature add-on to their growing range. Pilot Sport 4 is an excellent addition to our range and is a best-seller already, even though it was released 2 years ago. We also sell these Michelin tyres online.

For year-round use

Michelin sells these 2 models for all-year usage. We sell these models in Kirton and across Lincolnshire.

  • Michelin CrossClimate+: This model is a premium all-season model which we retail. The CrossClimate+ is useful during summer, early winters and during the fall. It provides excellent traction and acceleration on summer and winter roads.
  • Michelin CrossClimate SUV: It is the best all-weather model for SUVs. When you buy Michelin’s tyres from FT Auto Centre, ask us for this model. It is always in heavy demand. You can also buy this tyre online from us.

Whenever you purchase 2 or more tyres from our facility, we will try and provide better deals for you. Visit our website today for more details.

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