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At FT Auto Centre we sell all models of Goodyear tyres. Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers.

Named after the founder of the vulcanisation, a process that enabled large scale manufacture of tyres, this company boasts a legacy of 2 centuries.

Why Goodyear tyres?

  • We recommend Goodyear car tyres in Kirton to all our customers as each of these tyres goes through tests on more than 50 performance parameters.
  • All Goodyear summer, winter and all-season tyres have been tested and ranked on top by independent automobile European magazines over the past 5 years.

The best Goodyear tyres at our garage

1. Summer tyres

Continuous friction between the tyre surface and the bitumen generates a tremendous amount of heat. A tyre’s rubber tends to soften in heat; which leads to a faster rate. Harder rubber compound in summer tyres prevents rapid tread wear; making them the ideal the ideal choice of Goodyear car tyres in Kirton, at temperatures above 7°C.

Example –

Eagle F1Assymetric 2

  • The utilisation of ActiveBraking Technology generates exceptionally low stopping distance. In tests against its competitors, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 displayed 3 meters shorter braking distance.
  • Low weight construction allows more fuel efficiency.

2. Winter tyres

At FT Auto Centre in Kirton, we recommend mounting winter tyres once the ambient temperature falls below 5°C. Winter tyres are the only way to prevent the loss of traction, a common problem in wintry roads, replete with ice, slush and sleet.

Example –

Ultra Grip 9

  • Goodyear’s 3D BIS technology imparts solid braking and handling characteristics on snow.
  • Tread Optimal Performance Technology reduces tread wear rate and guarantees above average service life.

3. All-season tyres

These combine the characteristics of winter and summer tyres to deliver acceptable performance throughout the year.

Example –

Vector 4Seasons Gen 1

  • Unique all-weather compound and flatter contours reduce rolling resistance, thus augmenting fuel efficiency.
  • High-density 3D waffle blades provide better ice and snow compaction for better traction in the most challenging road conditions.

Performance tyres

These are tyres ideal for sports cars or other high-performance models. With optimised tread and a low aspect ratio, these tyres are meant to deliver superior handling, nimble steering response and enhanced wet grip.

Example –

Efficient Grip Performance

  • An EU rating A for wet grip makes these tyres ideal as Goodyear car tyres in Kirton for wet roads.
  • 18% low rolling resistance courtesy a unique base compound.

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