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Firestone Tyres

We highly recommend Firestone car tyres at FT Auto Centre. The fact that Henry Ford chose Firestone to supply tyres for his car model is proof enough of their pedigree. Firestone has been a pioneer in mass production of tyres since the 1900s. Moreover, they are credited with introducing the world's first non-skid tyres.

We provide our customers only with the best quality Firestone Car tyres in Kirton. We only sell tyres that receive positive feedback from car owners.

Few Firestone car tyre models


  • Nano Protech compound imparts these winter tyres with superb braking capabilities in wet conditions. Hence, these are the ideal tyres for winters in Kirton.
  • Tyre tread optimised for excellent comfort ensures a pleasant ride across various challenging terrain.
  • These tyres are designed to retain high traction on severe ice and snow.
  • Features an EU label of C for fuel efficiency, a rating quite high for winter tyres.


  • Ranked amongst all top tyres in ADAC, TCS, and OAMTC tests.
  • Incorporates the latest lamellen tyre technology to deliver for vastly improved tread wear rate.
  • Unique tread pattern augments water evacuation in rain and slush.


  • These summer tyres feature best in class wet grip vital to safely traverse through wet roads.
  • Rated with an EU rating of A for wet grip, these are an ideal choice of Firestone car tyres in Kirton for travelling through wet roads.
  • Recipient of the certification mark from TUV SUV, the largest independent European institute on tyre and wheel technology.
  • Boasts a 3m shorter braking distance compared to its competitors.


  • Comfortable and smooth ride are the exemplifying feature off these tyres.
  • Above-ordinary braking performance.
  • Optimal fuel efficiency thanks to low rolling resistance ratings.


  • Combines durability and comfort.
  • These summer tyres are the perfect all-rounder, the ideal Firestone car tyres in Kirton for car owners who mostly drive on urban roads.


  • Flaunts a modern and sporty appearance.
  • Reduced tread erosion and lowered rolling resistance for better fuel economy.
  • Offers high stability across both wet and dry road conditions.
  • Features an EU rating of 70 for noise generation, indicating a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • Best for sports cars due to its superb steering response.
  • Enables precision manoeuvring and high-speed stability.
  • Delivers highly reliable performance in wet conditions.

All the above tyre models from Firestone are available in FT Auto Centre in Kirton.

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