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At FT Auto Centre in Kirton, we sell all varieties of Continental tyres.

Almost one out of every three cars in Europe is fitted with Continental Tyres when they leave the assembly unit. Continental is the first tyre manufacturing company that developed tyres with a tread pattern. Additionally, Continental’s tyres have won on all AutoExpress tests for winter, summer, and all-season tyres in a single year!

Thus, automobile experts unanimously agree that quality is the trademark of this tyre brand. With Continental car tyres in Kirton, your car delivers the best possible performance.

Car tyres for all driving needs

At our professional car garage in Kirton, customers can find all varieties of car tyres. We sell winter, summer and all-season tyres. Sports tyres, touring tyres and economy tyres are also available at our workshop.

Types of tyres we sell

1. Economy tyres

Economy tyres are intended for city dwellers who use their vehicles mainly for urban commuting. These tyres are optimised for fuel efficiency and low tread wear rate.

Example –

EcoContact 6

  • High fuel economy

Strikes the perfect balance between tyre size and component distribution by using a high-tech tread compound that enhances the robust connection between the silica and rubber. Consequently, the tyre can adapt to varying road conditions which reduce its rolling resistance and the overall fuel consumption of your vehicle.

  • Reduced tread wear rate

EcoContact 6 uses GreenChili 2 compound which has been specially developed to minimise traction. Thus, if long-lasting tyres are your priority, then these are the ideal choice of Continental car tyres in Kirton.

2. Summer tyres

Experts at FT Auto Centre agree that summer tyres are the best for temperatures above 7°C. Summer tyres' tread constitutes harder tread compound that resists deformation under high heat.

Example –

PremiumContact 6

  • Enhanced wet braking performance

The tyre tread composition utilises crystal silica with improved braking performance in wet conditions. It also enhances the mileage of these tyres.

  • Comfortable ride

Optimised contact patch enables a comfortable ride. Also, a unique polymer blend reduces tread erosion. Smooth tread design pattern improves ride comfort and suppresses noise generation.

3. Winter tyres

For areas where winter temperature remains consistently below 7°C, it’s recommended to drive with winter tyres. Due to the presence of snow and black ice, winter roads are ripe with dangers. Mounting winter Continental car tyres in Kirton is the only way to prevent loss of traction during winters.

Example –

Winter Contact TS860

  • Liquid Layer Drainage

It is a new design of sipe channel system that works continuously to drain out accumulated water from the tyre’s contact surface. Hence, compromise in braking performance due to melting ice is prevented.

  • Snow Curve+

The tyre’s unique tread design enables interlocking of the tread blocks and snow covered surface. It compresses snow in more than 1000 spots to gain traction, especially when cornering.

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We sell Continental tyres at competitive pricing. Additionally, you can buy Continental tyres online from our website.

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