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We are a DVSA-authorised MOT test centre in Kirton, Lincolnshire. It is a mandatory test that every vehicle over 3 years old needs to take in the UK. The test is devised to test the roadworthiness of a car based on several crucial parameters.

At FT Auto Centre, we perform MOT test in Kirton following the guidelines set forth by the DVSA. Our packages are priced well below the legal maximum limit, making this service affordable for everyone.

There are 3 types of MOT that we perform at our garage:

  • Class 4 MOT: For standard passenger cars with up to 8 passenger, 3-wheelers, private and public service vehicles, goods vehicle up to 3,000kg in weight.
  • Class 5 MOT: For passenger cars and ambulances with over 13 seats.
  • Class 7 MOT: For goods vehicles which weigh over 3,000kg.

MOT according to the latest standards

The MOT has undergone a significant overhaul in 2018 wherein many changes were made to the existing test structure. At FT Auto Centre in Kirton, we are well versed with these changes and perform the test accordingly.

Some of the new regulations that we adhere to during our MOT check in Kirton are listed below.

A. Changes in the category

MOT test results are now categorised under new sections namely –

  • Dangerous: Severe threats and risks; should be repaired immediately at the test centre itself, if possible.
  • Major: Poses serious risk; should be repaired immediately but you may take it to another garage for repair.
  • Minor: Potential threats in the future; the vehicle passes the test but repairs recommended.

B. DPF guidelines for diesel vehicles

The new rules dictate that if the Diesel Particulate Filter is tampered with in any way or absent from a diesel car, it will fail its MOT.

C. New inspections listed

Some new components have been added to the list of MOT check in the recent update. These include:

  • Under-inflation of tyres
  • Fluid leaks
  • Headlights washers
  • Missing brake discs and pads
  • Brake fluid contamination

D. Vehicles over 40 years of age are exempt

All these new regulations are taken into account while our technicians do the MOT check in Kirton.

Get your MOT certificate today

Take your MOT at FT Auto Centre for the most convenient and affordable test in Kirton. Being an integrated car service centre, we can fix any issues that might crop up during the test.

One way or another, we will ensure that your vehicle is fully roadworthy before it leaves our premises!

Take your Class 4 MOT in Kirton at our garage for the best experience. Call us and book your slot today!

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