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    A car’s exhaust system is one of its most complicated internal parts. Exhaust system problems are aplenty, but most service stations can rarely boast the tech know-how and acumen necessary to solve them.

    If you feel that your car’s exhaust system needs a professional overhaul despite repeated servicing sessions, head over to our facility, FT Auto Centre.

    We provide the best exhaust service in Kirton no questions asked!

    Common exhaust issues and how we solve them

    Exhaust systems highlight a variety of symptoms pre-empting malfunctions. If you notice any of these symptoms mentioned below, you must bring your car to FT Auto Centre, the best exhaust repair garage in Kirton.

    The first red flag which exhaust problems generate is a significant drop in mileage. While there are many reasons behind a depreciating mileage, exhaust issues are usually among the first suspects.

    Common exhaust issues and our solutions:

  • A loud and rattling noise when driving
  • Cars with faulty exhaust systems create a ruckus on road, as the exhaust’s muffler fails to muffle the noise. A muffler’s primary objective is to reduce the operating sound of an automobile.

    Loud and rattling noises are indicators of a bad muffler. When you bring it to FT Auto Centre, we will fix the muffler and any other part which is malfunctioning.

  • Under-body vibrations
  • Under-body vibrations may refer to your exhaust pipes suffering physical damage. The exhaust pipe clings to the bottom of your vehicle via hangars. If these hangars are damaged, the pipe will end up making contact with the tarmac.

    Bring your car to our exhaust repair garage in Kirton for a comprehensive solution to all issues with the whole system.

  • Odd smells
  • When an exhaust system begins to malfunction, it can accidentally reverse the air flow, pumping exhaust inside the car and not venting it outside. Often, this smell is that of Hydrogen Sulphide, which is also indicative of a damaged battery. At times, Carbon Monoxide may also leak, leading to fatalities. To avoid such scenarios, bring your car to our facility for exhaust service in Kirton.

    How can we help?

    Fixing an exhaust system is not DIY-friendly; it is a job for professionals. Whenever you notice anything awry, contact our professionals at FT Auto Centre in Kirton.

    We also provide welding services, which helps in fixing exhaust issues faster.

    We also provide cutting edge technologies to help assess the exhaust for any future troubles.

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