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Of the numerous changes that the automobile industry has witnessed in the past few decades, the introduction of engine diagnostics is arguably the most consequential one from the car servicing point of view. It allows professionals like us to pinpoint the source of trouble without even opening the bonnet.

FT Auto Centre is a leading performer of engine diagnostics in Kirton. For those who know us and are familiar with our breadth of experience, it should come as no surprise. We were one of the first garages to have brought this path-breaking technology to Kirton.

Presently, we have established ourselves as somewhat of an authority regarding this service. Motorists flock to our garage from faraway towns to avail our engine diagnostics and reap its benefits fully.

Let’s take you through a guided tour of the entire process and how you might benefit from an engine diagnostics in Kirton.

Engine diagnostics: An overview

Since 1996, it is mandatory for every vehicle in Europe to be fitted with an On-Board diagnostics system. Colloquially referred to as OBD-II, it is an elaborate system comprising of numerous sensors, microprocessors and chips attached to most of the critical components of a car.

These sensors monitor the performance of their corresponding parts and register a Diagnostics Fault Code (DTC) if any of them act out of their pre-defined parameters. The DTCs are stored in the OBD-II’s internal memory to be diagnosed by a skilled automobile technician.

That is where FT Auto Centre comes in. We provide the necessary expertise to carry out complex operations such as engine diagnostics.

An engine diagnostic can reveal a problem in any part of the car including brakes, exhaust system and even the engine itself. Once we are sure about the source of the problem, our skilled technicians will begin working on their solution.

The FT Auto Centre advantage

We are proud to be a pioneer of engine diagnostics in Kirton, having served the motorists of this region for a considerable amount of time. Our skilled technicians have gained invaluable experience over these years and are considered some of the best in business.

However, even the best technicians will be handicapped without the right tools. Not our technicians though! We have the most cutting-edge diagnostics tools at our workshop which our experts can put to good use and diagnose any problem with your car in minutes.

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