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A car’s clutch is one of its most complicated components, and also one of the most essential. Clutch problems are frequent; most importantly, an overwhelming majority of such issues require outright replacements as they cannot be repaired. If you are looking for clutch repair in Kirton, welcome to FT Auto Centre.

Our facility is well-known for a variety of vehicular repairs. Our technicians excel at repairing clutches too. As experts in repairs, we store the highest quality, OE-grade clutch parts. We promise quality service at reasonable prices.

Common clutch problems and our solutions

The most common clutch problems are shuddering, slipping, vibrations and drag. Our team of technicians can resolve all of these issues at our facility in Kirton.

Here’s a primer from our experts on each of these issues.

Clutch shuddering

This common problem results in severe low-frequency vibrations.

    • Our solution

Shuddering clutch has many causes. The most common causes are loose engine mounting, misaligned engine vis-à-vis gearbox, defective pressure or driven plates or a worn spigot bearing. Any of these symptoms warrant immediate solutions; our clutch replacement garage in Kirton can be of aid.

2. Clutch slip

A slipping clutch is also a very common issue. When this happens, your car will not respond well to acceleration, will be unable to climb uphill and you may notice an acrid smell when you press the gas pedal harder.

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Previous servicing sessions may cause incorrect clutch alignments and worn clutch facings, any of which may cause clutch slippage. A defective pressure plate or worn-out springs may also cause this. At our clutch replacement garage in Kirton, we specialise in taking adequate care of these parts.

    • 3. Clutch drag

When a clutch ‘drags’, it becomes difficult to shift gears, especially from neutral to first gear. Besides, whenever your car is moving and you shift gears, you will face a severe jolt.

    • Our solution

Clutch drag is common for most UK car owners. Low fluid levels in the hydraulic clutch operating mechanism, oil-contamination of facings, worn-out or seized spigots and a severely damaged flywheel are all causes of clutch drag. You must bring your car to FT Auto Centre, the most reliable clutch servicing garage in Kirton.

The FT Auto Centre advantage

Whenever you visit us for a clutch repair in Kirton, you are sure to find:

      • Superior services at reasonable prices.
      • Genuine spare parts which sync with your manufacturer’s recommendations.
      • A professionally carried out service session, which promises you better value-for-money and assured timely returns. If our technicians spot any additional issues, we will inform you immediately.
      • Long-lasting repairs and replacements guaranteed to last longer in Kirton and beyond.

FT Auto Centre in Kirton is your one-stop solution for every single car-related solution but we do specialise at clutches among other parts!

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