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Choosing the right set of tyres is essential for safety, drivability and excellent mileage delivery. Your car owner’s manual contains every aspect of the tyres recommended for your vehicle.

However, the manual will only help you ascertain the correct specifications. You may additionally require some specific features with your tyres for optimal performance as per your usage and the ambient weather conditions.

That is where our facility- FT Auto Centre - comes in. We are located in Kirton, and we have a team of qualified service personnel who can assist you in purchasing the best-possible set of wheels for your car from our extensive collection.

Types of tyres

Before you go on to purchase cheap car tyres in Kirton from our facility, you must have an idea about the most common types of tyres available in the UK. Car tyres are usually classified based on their climatic functionality and performance.

    • Summer Tyres

These models boast some of the lowest car tyres price in Kirton and other hamlets in the UK.

Summer tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber compound and can accelerate faster than other variants. Also, these tyres have a lower rolling resistance on average to help with fuel efficiency. Summer tyres are ideal for use on long drives and on dry flat surfaces.

    • Winter Tyres

Such tyres are suitable for winter roads when snow, mud and slush make driving tricky.

Winter models have a slightly softer rubber construct and can deftly manoeuver winter roads. You can buy the best winter tyres online from our facility, FT Auto Centre.

    • All-season Tyres

Also known as all-weather models, these tyres are equally capable when it comes to driving throughout the year. In the UK, people have to change their wheels every time the mercury falls below 7°C.

All-season tyres have a significant advantage over other types since they can perform capably even when temperatures plummet. Note that in extreme wintry conditions, you should opt for a set of winter tyres either way.

    • Run-flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are a special tyre variant which can keep on running despite a puncture for up to 50 miles at speeds below 50 mph. Run-flat wheels are useful when you are stranded at remote locations due to slow leakages or punctures.

If you are instead looking forward to a set of tyres on the basis of performance, you can choose from the following variants right from our shelves.

      • UHP Tyres: Ultra High-Performance tyres have already captured a handsome share of the UK tyre market. Many cheap car tyres in Kirton are of the UHP variety. Such tyres may command a higher price when compared to other types.
      • 4x4/SUV Tyres: Given the growing popularity of SUVs in Lincolnshire and across the UK, FT Auto Centre has stocked a wide range of SUV tyres too. You can also purchase these tyres online from us.

Regardless of whichever type of wheels you are looking for, you can check out our facility- FT Auto Centre in Kirton. You will get the best prices and discounts, besides excellent offers if you’re lucky enough!

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