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Welcome to FT Auto Centre, your one-stop destination for brake repair and maintenance.

Modern braking systems are complicated, and most parts are not repairable. These need to be replaced outright. From the brake pedal to the master cylinder and from antilock brake sensors to hydraulic brake fluids, a lot can go wrong with your vehicle’s braking system.

That is why you should bring your car to our facility, FT Auto Centre. We are the best service station for brake repair in Kirton. Repairing brakes is a complicated task and requires expert solutions, something we excel at.

Understanding brakes and servicing

To bring your car to a halt, three aspects must exist in the braking system: leverage, friction and hydraulic force.

Of these, the driver’s leg exerts pressure on the pedal and is called leverage. The pedal connects to a power booster which uses either an engine vacuum or a hydraulic pump that transfers the leverage’s force to the master cylinder.

The hydraulic pressure thus generated is used to create friction. During this process, a variety of parts like brake pads deteriorate. Brake pads last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles depending on your car model and/or on the manufacturer of the brake pad.

As a matter of fact, brake pad replacement in Kirton is one of the most common availed services at our garage!

Our range of brake repairing services

FT Auto Centre has a professional and highly qualified team of experts which can take care of your car’s braking system in toto. Here is a condensed list of our various services.

1. Brake pad replacement: Brake pads and rubber linings are often among the first components to suffer severe damage. When they reach the end of their service lives, they tend to malfunction, resulting in a ‘spongy’ pedal. Braking distance increases too.

At FT Auto Centre, you are assured of the best parts available on the market across all budgets.

2. Brake fluid replacement: Most modern braking systems are hydraulic, and use specialised brake fluids which are mostly glycol-based.

Brake fluids require refills once every 1-2 years, but we recommend that you carry out brake fluid checks from time to time at our centre as a pre-emptive measure.

In case of repeated ‘low brake fluid’ warnings, you must immediately bring your vehicle to our facility; it might be a symptom of a leak. Too little brake fluid can be dangerous.

3. Brake discs replacement: With time, your car’s brake discs tend to get damaged. When you ask our technicians for a brake repair in Kirton and other services, we will efficiently carry out a brake disc replacement.

Since your car’s stopping power depends on adequate contact between brake pads and rotors, these must be kept in proper shape.

We use a state-of-the-art lathe machine to scrape away the existing rotor surface and reveal a shiny and smooth one.

When you come to us for brake repair in Kirton, we also take adequate care of individual components like callipers and pistons too.

Bring your car to FT Auto Centre in Kirton today and avail great discounts on our service packages.

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