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At FT Auto Centre, we replace faulty batteries with OE grade spares at the cheapest possible price points. Our battery replacement service is hailed as the best in Kirton and its surrounding areas in Lincolnshire.

The battery provides power to the ignition as well as other electrical appliances of a car. In essence, your car will not start if its battery were to be at fault. As such, it is critical to maintain your car battery in Kirton properly and bring it to our garage for check-up and replacement at regular intervals.

Why does a battery fail?

Although it is one of the most resilient parts of a car, the battery may malfunction and even fail entirely under specific circumstances.

    • Extreme weather conditions are a battery’s worst enemies. If you drive in areas with extreme heat or cold, your car’s battery life will reduce drastically.
    • Using power-hungry appliances on the battery may drain it prematurely. Ideally, you should use such appliances (AC, heater etc.) when the engine is running.
    • The shelf life of a car battery in Kirton is usually between 5-7 years. It may last longer subject to proper maintenance, but you should get it checked at our garage after 5 years of service life.
    • Leaving the battery unused for an extended period is detrimental to its condition. Even if you don’t need it, take your car out for a spin once or twice a week to maintain its battery.

These are some of the common reasons why batteries malfunction. Sometimes the low level of water or other mechanical issues might be at fault. Bring your car for battery replacement in Kirton at our garage if you feel that its output is not adequate.

When should you bring it to us?

There are multiple symptoms of a dying battery. If you notice any of the following, bring your car to FT Auto Centre in Kirton immediately.

    • You have difficulty in starting your car; the engine keeps cranking but doesn’t start.
    • The electrical appliances of your car are performing below par.
    • Your headlights are dimmer than before.
    • The battery case appears bloated.

Best battery replacement in Kirton

Bring in your car for battery replacement in Kirton at FT Auto Centre if you notice the symptoms noted earlier. Sitting on the problem will only make it worse, potentially putting you at road risk.

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