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FT Auto Centre has emerged as the go-to garage to resolve alternator and starter motors issues for motorists of this region. Our service is known far and wide for its quality and affordability.

The importance of alternators and starter motors cannot be stressed enough. For starters, your car won’t even start if either of these two malfunctions. As such, it is critical that you bring it to our garage for starter motor or alternator replacement in Kirton at any sign of trouble.

Understanding alternator issues

The alternator of a car is located in its engine compartment. It has two primary responsibilities- charging the battery and keeping the electrical appliances running when the engine is on. The battery simply provides power to start your car, and the alternator takes over after.

In essence, every electrical appliance of a car is reliant on the alternator for its operation.

Even the battery won’t charge if your car has a malfunctioning alternator!

According to automobile experts at FT Auto Centre in Kirton, a typical alternator lasts about 7-8 years or over 100,000 miles. While there’s no universal consensus to these numbers, it’s a good idea to have your alternator inspected and replaced if necessary.

Some symptoms that you need alternator replacement in Kirton includes:

  • The headlights falter and are dimmer.
  • Other electrical appliances like the AC and radio struggle to operate.
  • There’s a burning smell from your car’s engine or battery compartment.

Bring your car to our garage for a check-up and repair as soon as you notice these issues.

Understanding starter motor issues

The starter motor turns the crankshaft until the internal combustion process generates enough power to do it. When one turns the ignition key, it is the starter motor that rotates the crankshaft for the first few rotations. The internal combustion process takes over after that.

A starter motor failure means that you cannot start your car at all. It is, therefore, crucial that you bring your vehicle for starter motor repair in Kirton at our garage if you notice any signs of starter motor failure. It may include slow engine cranks, and difficulty in engaging the clutch.

Our experienced technicians will either rebuild or replace the starter motor entirely. We use only the highest quality spare parts for replacement purposes.

Best quality. Best services.

FT Auto Centre is known across the region as the most trustworthy car repair garage in Kirton. Rest assured, our services are not only high on quality but extremely competitive in their pricing as well.

For the best alternator and starter motor repair in Kirton, drop by our garage today!

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